sucky weather...pretty flowers

On the way home from shopping, we drove through a few of the streets
of Eltham to see the blossoms. Even with overcast skies, we weren't disappointed


feathered friends

Every morning, rain or shine, they sit on the fence and patiently wait for me
to put out some birdseed on the driveway. 

The male chafinch hops around
on the front porch rail when he's hungry.


Out in the paddocks, I hear plovers who make their nests on the flat fields
 but haven't got any photos. 
And the heron regulars have been to the water trough but the photos
didn't turn out. I did get this pair of paradise ducks taking a rest.

The kingfisher that hangs around the house gets 
pretty close, enough for photos.

The skittish starlings are building a nest in our garage, I think.

The blackbirds are really skittish, too, and fast!

And then there is the elusive hawk that I call Twitchie.
With all the time I spend trying to get photos of him, I
usually come up empty. Then I noticed him land a few paddocks over.

And most of my shots of him overhead aren't very sharp, so I 
was happy to get this one.


seashells and WATW

Hubby picked these up for me when we were at Ototoka Beach
last week. 

 I think spring may be very close and
I am so happy about the thought! How is your week looking?

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